I just watched the movie divergent. Review? I think it was a good movie. if you liked the Hunger Games, you might like this one. it is pretty much like Hunger Games except that it had a different twist – the world is divided into factions based on virtues instead of districts. There were 5 factions –  Amity, for the peaceful; Abnegation, for the selfless; Dauntless, for the brave; and Erudite, for the Intelligent; Candor, for the honest. When a person came of age, they went through an aptitude test  which determined which faction best suited them. Now if you were not welcome in any faction, you were known as factionless. Those were the outcasts.

There was also a group of people who belonged to all factions. Their test results usually read inconclusive. They were known as divergent. They were the ones to watch out for because they were different. They did not conform to the norms. They challenged the status quo. You could not define/confine them. They can simply be regarded as a non-conformists. 

They were exactly the kind of people society did not want and they had to be gotten rid off. This got me thinking about how society treats people who are different. Which is actually what everyone is supposed to be – different. No man was made the same. But guess what, we live in a world that tries to make everyone like everyone else. 

If I lived in a society/world that was divided into factions, I would probably belong to all of them. I would be brave,peaceful,selfless,kind and intelligent.  Now what would that make me? Answer : A young girl asking for trouble. Thank God in my world, I am allowed to be all these things and more . People may not like me for who I really am, but thank God that the choice to embrace my difference or uniqueness is really up to me. 

So if you had to choose where would you want belong? Or would you rather be divergent?





3 thoughts on “Divergent

  1. isn’t that the point that Four is making? That he doesn’t want to be just one? I agree with you; I am grateful that God gives us gifts and aptitudes, but that we do have the choice.

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